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NaNoWriMo: day 8

Here it is!Collapse )

NaNoWriMo: day 6

Not under cut because it's SO SHORT *cries*

Lenora was stuck on the worlds ‘our home’. She felt relieved to finally be leaving the home of her childhood, and she smiled in the excitement of the new possibilities that lay before her. A new home, a new husband, and a new beginning; she could enjoy the freedom of being alone. She could enjoy a house to herself without troubling relatives to bother her. Christine was sure to be lenient with her, at least for the outward appearances of being a kind husband, if not for her total indifference to Lenora. What’s more, if things didn’t work out with Christine and she began denying Lenora kisses and intimacy, then of course Lenora could go and find intimacy somewhere else. While it was unlikely that she could seduce a Yydanist maid, there were surely other women who would be willing to keep her company for a small fee. The only problem with that, Lenora thought, was that the level of discreetness it required to avoid scandal was simply phenomenal. The chances of getting caught in such an affair were staggeringly against her, even if she could convince Christine to help her in such a thing.

            She turned to look towards her husband. Dr. Lanway stared out the window, her lips moving slightly as if whispering to herself, which she very well might have been doing. The scientific types were always quite peculiar like that. Nevertheless, a thought came to Lenora which put a real grin on her face- perhaps Christine wasn’t entirely immune to seduction herself. Perhaps there was a way to instill desire in her husband and have her initiate moments of passion between the two. It would take a lot of work and time, and of course there was no telling how many attacks she would have between then and the triumph of her plan, but she plainly decided that Dr. Christine Lanway would be her new conquest, whether she liked it or not.